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    April 10th, 2011

    As our backyard’s been approaching the last stages of being done, I took advantage of the break from rain we got 2 weeks back and planted our veggies. I wanted to get them in the ground. To be honest, I know squat about gardening, so whether it was early or late in the planing season is beyond me. But also given that this has been an exceptionally strange weather year so far,  even if it was the right time of the season, could very well be pushed out.

    To be clear, the veggie garden is by no means a way to sustain ourselves. I just want to illustrate to illustrate to the kids 1) how long it takes to grow food; 2) the care that a garden requires. Clearly these are lessons that are lost on a 2.5yr old and a 5m old, but hey, maybe over time something will sink it.

    So… 3 tomato, 1 zucchini and 6 strawberry plants later, I’ve gots me a veggie patch. Tomatoes are my favorite, G thinks strawberries are like crack, and I can convince myself to make a zucchini bread or two this summer 🙂 S is more of a salad dude, but he’s out of luck for now.

    G and K didn’t take a great part of the actual planning, but K was really into watering, and G was an expert in measuring just how far apart the veggies needed to be.

    We ran into some worms at the end. The kids thought those were pretty darn cool.

    So… now we wait for our veggies to sprout. Should be ready in another week or two, right?