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    A love story (… maybe triangle?)

    July 2nd, 2016

    This is the story of Babe, Dude, and S2.

    Dude has a crush on Babe. S2, however, don’t care and likes to get in between them for fun. Here’s an example.

    Dude trying to get close to Babe. (see that elbow in the photo? Yeah — that’s the guy who’s about to ruin it all)


    Dude isn’t too happy.


    “Babe? What’s going on?”


    Dude is now back to happy, but there’s always that “shadow”



    All these photos started with G asking me to take a “pre-engagement” photo of her youngest and his crush. I tried to oblige. S2 had other ideas.

    These 3 have known each other for two years. They’re good friends, but I find it hilarious that S2 kinda likes to torment his buddy “not getting alone time with his girl”.

    So when is the appropriate time to teach your son about #brosbefore****???
    (P.S. struggling to find a phrasing NOT including a female degrading term, but alas….)

    Foto Friday

    October 1st, 2009

    We spent last Saturday hanging out with Augie (Augie Chang) and his family. His kids are so sweet to G and it’s just good to hang out with everyone. We did Dim Sum for lunch. In my mind you can never have too much Dim Sum! Since Augie and I used to work together (back in the day before he decided that he was too good for the corp job gig ;p ) we used to go out for lunch a fair amount, so Augie knows all the stuff I like to eat. S on the other hand never had a desire to do Dim Sum with me, so he knows nothing about my favorite treats. So it’s just funny to have your friend say to your husband “Oh, I know what A likes”. Good thing S is not the jealous type. On the other hand, since he’s a Dim Sum newbie, he just gets to benefit from our tested taste buds.

    Anyway, in addition to some quality fun w/ the C family, we took some photos. These are G’s 1 YR pics, albeit a tad little late. Oops ;p

    G decided that day that he hated the outfit I had picked out for him. He went from Happy, “My goodness he’s so mellow” Baby to Fussy-Temper-Tantrum Child after he got dressed. He spent most of the time crying and looking like this:

    … so we had to take off his fancy duds and take some pics frolicking around in a diaper.

    In addition, now that he’s hit the Big 0-1, G’s come to the conclusion that he’s a big boy and doesn’t want to be in any pictures with his father and me. So he hogged the camera spotlight. Man, I thought being embarrassed of your parents was going to hit in his teens, but I was wrong. In most “Us” photos, G displayed the similar scrunched-up face. Sucks for me, ‘cuz our Holiday Card photo this year will probably need to be PhotoShoped to get all of us in.

    Anyway, without further adieu, some photo fun: