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    First showers and time changes

    March 14th, 2010

    G had his first real shower today. By real I mean just not after swim class. Today’s experience was a result of a cranky baby who didn’t want to get breakfast with dad and instead wanted to cling to me like a monkey. After two minutes of sorrowful whining outside of my glass shower door, I broke down, srtripped him of his clothing and brought him in with me. His first impression wasn’t to favorable. He dug his little bony butt into hip and clung to dear life. Trust me when I say that I’ve learned to do many things one handed (pulling up and buttoning jeans is my proudest accomplishment), but soaping up one handed with an 18m old leached to your body is not possible. So he got a full scrub down too.
    By the end of the shower he was really digging it. He was splashing his face and sticking out his tongue to feel the water.
    He also achieved his first ‘pee in the shower’ event. Yes, ladies, my son is one of THOSE kind of guys as it turns out. Luckily for that one he wasn’t clinging to me (although there’s high likelyhood he might have let one go earlier too).

    Next up? Timezone change. I gotta say before having a toddler the spring time change always sucked. Today, however, for the first time it felt good. You see my 6:12am rising son today woke up at 7:12…
    Or so the revised clock read. So I felt like i slept an extra hour.  While this might not technically be true, my mind was fooled into thinking it, so I felt less resentful about getting up with him.

    Speaking of sleeping, Why is G only sleeping 7:20-6:15/20 these days? He was my 7:20-7:30 sleeper. Now for 2 full weeks he’s been pulling 11hr overnights where he used to do 12. Granted his naps at daycare seem to be better (we attribute this to one of his friends aging up to the next class), but does that mean his night-time sleep should suffer? Or should I say MY night-time sleep should suffer 🙁
    Do you think he might just be telling his us ready for a later bed-time?

    But I was supposed to gain an hour

    November 1st, 2009

    G woke up at 5:40 this morning. In his defence it was 6:40am by his clock and since S and I didn’t share the memo (with him) that it’s daylight savings, that meant he was happily up for the day.

    Still… I feel robbed of my extra hour of sleep.

    It’s OK kid — in about 10 years, it will all come back to you. Even if I don’t do it vengefully, you’ll lament the early wake-ups during spring. Karma. It’s a … well, something…