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    On the move

    August 17th, 2011

    S2, as of two days ago, is crawling. Tummy off the floor moving. It just took me two days to get it on video, because every time I tried he’d stop what he’s doing and just look at me. Silly monkey!

    But today we got him to perform… for food. Figures, all I needed were Puffs to bribe him. Puffs are his Kryptonite — you simply can’t utter that word in his presence without him going nuts.


    With this new-found development, I am now never, ever alone. Because S2 is constantly on a Mama hunt too. I’ll go to the bathroom and 2 minutes later there will be a blabbering baby poking his head through the door. Good thing he’s cute 🙂

    Baby on the move

    July 19th, 2009

    So somewhere in the last 24 hours G has figured out how to crawl. He’s no longer rollie-pollie’ing around but is using those little legs of his to get him places. I’m sitting in marvel of this new accomplishment. I’m so proud of my little man, while choosing to be blissfully ignorant (for the time being) of all the trouble he’s about to start getting himself into, or the fact that life as I know it is now over.

    I also feel sorry for Neko — his long restful naps of sitting juuuuust at arms reach from G are now long gone. I think he’s figured out what’s going on, because he’s been favoring the high-ground all day. On the bonus side, his vet did want him to get on a diet and loose some weight. G is happy to oblige with some motivation to get a move on. Operation “Protect Fluffy Tail” has now commenced.

    Here’s our little man on the move:


    Today was also the day G’s crib dropped all the way to the bottom. Being at the second lowest setting didn’t last long. I observed him trying to pull himself up to standing by the pole of his Tiny Love mobile this morning. He got as far as his getting on his knees, so standing can’t be too far away. What was amusing about that whole scene was that he really wasn’t using his legs to get lift — he was completely using his upper body strength to pull up. He takes after me on that one.

    So… know of any baby pull-ups competition? I have a feeling in a few weeks I might have a champion ;p


    June 23rd, 2009

    G might crawl after all! It won’t be in the next few weeks, to be sure, but there’s hope for him yet.

    He is on all fours, he rocks back and forth, is able to support his weight on one arm, and slides backwards (which I’m told happens before moving forwards).

    I was really hoping that he might make those first steps forward in the presence of S’ family, so they can join in a “first” with us, but alas no! On the other hand, having a stationary baby on a flight is a good thing, as spending 8 hours cooped up with a baby wanting to explore their new-found mobility is not my idea of a good time.

    Still… exciting things to come…