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    Ooh, a blogger award

    August 9th, 2009

    We received a “One Lovely Blog Award” blogger award! Thank you Christa (from ‘A Journey of Endometriosis and Fertility’)!

    I now need to tell you the blogs that I think are great. This is a hard one — I follow a lot of blogs, and really enjoy a lot of blogs.  I feel very awkward having to pick from them.

    So… as to not offend anyone for not being included, I’m only limiting my choice to 3 that get my Gold, Silver and Bronze medals (in order) 🙂

    http://www.becoming-mom.net/ – For all the awesome photography and baby rearing tips.
    http://smartassmom.blogspot.com/ – ‘Cuz laughter and parenting really go hand in hand
    http://augiechangphotography.blogspot.com/ – Yeah, I’d love my photos to be this good…