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    And the winner is…

    November 9th, 2010

    Now that S2 is out and about it’s time to crown the winner of the Storm Predictors baby pool. The winner is S’ cousin, Tracy. Tracy, check your email 🙂

    Now… if you’re curious to the final answers to each question, here goes:

    1. Mamma’s total weight gain: 31.4lb
    2. Storm’s date of birth: 11/1/2010
    3. Storm’s time of birth: 1:18pm
    4. Storm’s weight: 6lb 9.6oz (hospital rounded to 10oz)
    5. Storm’s height: 18″
    6. Storm’s amount of hair: Just a wee bit of fuzz

    Congrats, Tracy!

    If you played and you want to know how close you got, post a comment below and I’ll let you know your ranking order.