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    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    March 31st, 2011

    This is a small photo dump from my trip down to Monterey with G a last month (or was it the month prior?). It was a loooong drive. I hadn’t been there in years, and let me tell you, 2 hours with a toddler in the car makes a car journey seem longer than it would be otherwise. He did pretty well, but still, spending your day sitting in a vehicle for 4 hours is not his idea of a good time.

    He dug all the fish though and really got a kick of watching all the scuba divers doing feedings. His favorite was watching the sharks be hand-fed (well wand-fed, really). I was just happy I was on the other side of the shark-infested glass 🙂


    Put me in the zoo

    November 13th, 2008

    Bears, monkeys, tigers, oh my!

    On Monday, K (S’ sister), G and I went to the SF Zoo. I hadn’t been there in well over a decade, and it was a first-time experience for my two partners in crime.

    G announced his presence to the animals as soon as we walked through the gate, but after a diaper change and a snack he quieted down and just fell asleep.

    Yep, most of his pictures are:
    – Here’s G sleeping by the polar bears,
    – And here’s G sleeping by the Hippo,
    – And here is G napping by the tigers

    None-the-less, I had a very good time and I can’t wait to do it again when G can waddle around on his own and point at the animals.

    Here are some of the sights we witnessed:

    The Vidal Sassoon lion
    Yep, this dude had mane supermodels would be jealous of. Check out that volume and bounce

    The tanning bear
    I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was never going to become George Hamilton. He does a great bear rug impersonation though.

    The Silverback in the dog-house
    In the Gorilla habitat the male and female we sitting quite a bit apart, with arms crossed, facing away from each other. Occasionally he’d look back at her as if asking “Baby, you still mad? You know I didn’t mean it!” Ever wonder who settles domestic disputes between gorillas?