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    Foto Friday

    September 8th, 2011

    This week’s Foto Friday is brought to you by Kelly M Photography. Kelly took photos for G’s 3rd birthday, and S2’s 9m. They were taken at a secret photo location I scoped out a few months ago. I was saving it for S2’s 1st birthday pics, but I was quite frankly at a draw for what to do for this session. I’m super thrilled we did it now though, because the weather was perfect for that spot, and the pictures came out great. Thank you, Kelly!

    Spot or Nubbs?

    June 7th, 2009

    I think S has a Noah complex and is in the process of building an arc. He can’t stop himself from getting the animal lovey blankies for G. And for fear of over-attachment to any one, we get our blankies two by two. We now have a menagerie of two frogs, two monkeys and as of last month, two giraffes.

    Our problem (S’ self-control aside) is naming our giraffes. Froggie 1 and 2 are named Franklin 1 and Franklin 2 (respectfully), the monkeys are Moonka 1 and Moonka 2. Yet, when it comes to the giraffes though we can’t agree. I like “Spot” for a name. S digs “Nubbs” on account of the nubbins on it’s head. We’re at an impasse, so we’ve agreed to let you decide for us. Here’s where you come in:

    [polldaddy poll=1687849]

    We have considered the compromise of naming one Spot and the other Nubbs, but Naah — too much of an opportunity for G to question why we have different names and then catch on to the doppelganger game. Besides… one of us has to be right ;p

    So pick already!

    Foto Friday

    June 4th, 2009

    “What? I’m standing here! Move along.”

    Don’t you just want to pinch the cuteness off this little bum?

    Lounging with my sick little monkey 🙁

    @ bedtime: And Neko makes 3

    You can suffer too!

    June 3rd, 2009

    There’s a kid’s TV show on Sprout that S found the other day while going through our on-demand channels: the Pajanimals. It’s a Jim Henson Muppet production. It’s cute! I take it back… it’s saccharine.

    Each episode is 4 minutes long, and all it is is a single song per episode. AND NOW I HAVE ONE STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!

    That’s right: all morning long I’m singing to myself “I love to hug my lovie! My night-time lovey dovey…”

    So I’m going to share the joy (HA!). Now you too can share in the lovey dovey pain I’m in!


    (P.S. forgive the video quality — it’s the only clip I was able to find)

    First ear infection = first antibiotics

    June 1st, 2009

    The sniffles faerie brought a friend! Yeah, an ear infection. We’re sooo (not) lucky.

    But G is taking it like a champ. After a day of whining and poor naps he’s in a much better mood today. He’s a sight to behold though — his nose is drippy and his eyes are goopy. Yeah, who’da thunk that snot can come out of your eyes. Not attractive! But thanx to my online moms I got the very sound advice that it could be an ear infection and his pedi should check him out. Sure enough; Dr. M confirmed the ear/sinus infection and gave us some antibiotics to take for two weeks.

    We’ve also discovered that in addition to hating the nose sucker, G also dislikes having his eyes wiped. Apparently this child is not big into personal hygiene.

    Good news, though, is that he’s not contagious so he’s going back to daycare tomorrow. I got a note from the doc saying so though, because I didn’t want other parents to worry when they saw that puffy, snotty-eyed child o’mine.

    I’m staying home with him today, and I’ll admit, although I’m not thrilled it’s because he’s sick, I’m enjoying a work-day off to cuddle with my snuggle bug. I miss maternity leave 🙁 For those that would encourage either S or I to be a stay-at-home parent, though, please share with us your winning lottery ticket first.

    P.S. Note to future me: goopy eyes + runny nose + stinky G breath = sinus/ear infection + antibiotics

    P.P.S. What did moms do before the internet?

    How does he know what’s NOT a toy?

    June 1st, 2009

    G has the uncanny ability to scan his nearest vicinity and pick out the ONE element that he shouldn’t be playing with. Case in point: diaper creme tube, TV remote control and of course… my mobile phone.

    While on the diaper changing table he’s surrounded by G toys. I mean surrounded: teething rings (two), rattle, lovey, even a bath toy for good measure, but what does he want? The tube of butt paste! He doesn’t put it in his mouth, but likes to pass it from one hand to the other — that is all. I of course fear that he’ll pick out an eye with a sharp edge, cut up a lip or turn the tube around for a nice appetizer of diaper creme.

    Next up — the TV remote control. It’s a magnet for this child. He sees it lying on the bed and reaches out for it. We made the mistake one day of giving it to him. We figured “The TV is off, he can’t do much harm.”  Wrong!!! Although the TV itself was off the TiVO was still running and our sweet little monkey reprogrammed it. Yep! We turned it on later and the whole screen was black — it took us a while to figure out what he had done.

    Last (for this post anyway) and my personal favorite (NOT!): my iPhone. Yes, I have said in the past that it’s G’s iPhone. I did in fact get it during his car screamfest phase so that I can play whitenoise sounds for him while driving. However, I didn’t literally mean it’s G’s iPhone. Yeah, tell him that! He sees it, he wants it. And when he gets it, he of course miraculously knows which end to put in his mouth — the speaker and pin connector, of course. There never has been more drool coming out of G’s mouth than when my phone is in there. Yeah! Score! I’m lucky it still works. Note to all you iPhone owners out there — in the presence of my child, for your own good, please don’t take your phone out.

    So yeah, my smart little monkey: either very bright… or very much a monkey.

    If G was a girl…

    May 31st, 2009

    … he would SO be sporting a set of these right now:

    I have girl crush ‘cuz of these shoes right now 🙁

    Hmn… how much therapy do you think G would require later in life if I had him wear these?

    9 months

    May 30th, 2009

    G is now 9 months old. My little man’s on his way to becoming a toddler, which is both really cool and kinda sad. I miss the little wrinkly ball he used to be already.

    His 9 month check-up was pretty uneventful. He’s tracking on his curve for height and weight, but his head is now in the 50th percentile. Our child sure has one big noggin’, so there better be a smarty brain baking in there. It certainly explains why his clothes fit just fine on his body, but I have one heck of a time getting his head through. It’s OK though: Dr. M assures us G will grow into his head. If not, at least he has a good prospect at a job in the Charlie Brown movies.

    For his 9 mo birthday G got a visit from the sniffles faerie. He’s had a runny nose for the last two days. Unfortunately for us, that means a whiney little man. Unfortunately for G, that means that the bulb syringe has been coming out and he can’t run away from a box of tissues.  The kid protects his boogies as if they were gold and hates the sucker with a passion. You’d swear we were sucking out his brain from the face and sounds he makes. I’m just hoping he won’t be getting any worse.