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    Toothless grins

    August 28th, 2011

    S2 1st tooth broke through the surface today. I saw it coming, so I snapped a whole lot of pics of this toothless smile yesterday. I’m gonna miss it!

    On the move

    August 17th, 2011

    S2, as of two days ago, is crawling. Tummy off the floor moving. It just took me two days to get it on video, because every time I tried he’d stop what he’s doing and just look at me. Silly monkey!

    But today we got him to perform… for food. Figures, all I needed were Puffs to bribe him. Puffs are his Kryptonite — you simply can’t utter that word in his presence without him going nuts.


    With this new-found development, I am now never, ever alone. Because S2 is constantly on a Mama hunt too. I’ll go to the bathroom and 2 minutes later there will be a blabbering baby poking his head through the door. Good thing he’s cute 🙂

    Sand: B+; Ocean: D-

    June 27th, 2009

    We took G to the beach for the very first time this past Wednesday.

    Given his ultra-pale skin tone (that one’s my fault), after half an hour of slathering him up with a generous layer of SPF50, we stripped our little man down and headed to the VA Beach shore.

    It was an interesting experience.

    Let’s start with Sand. I’m coming to the realization that G is a pretty cautious kid. It’s obviously a trait he picks up from S because I’m not defined by patience, self-control or caution. He spent awhile staring at the sand, even while seated on it. Even while I poured some over his legs. He took his time with it, but once he figured it out, he was enjoying letting it pour out of his hand.

    Water on the other hand wasn’t a winner. I don’t know if it’s because he’s spoiled with the 90+ degree baths and swimming pool, while the ocean was cold; or the waves, but he wasn’t a fan. He flat out refused to put his feet in the water, so I had to result to trickery — putting him off to the shore waiting for the water to come in. The result? Well, see for yourself:

    One displeased baby.

    Overall rating? Sand: B+; Water: D-. I guess we’ll be sticking to the pool for awhile.

    Here are some pics of the day though.

    “You put me in the noisy, cold water!”

    Dads and kiddos (Note: G’s still mad)

    Getting a hug from E

    One tired baby

    “Not the water again!”

    “They call me G…”

    “…G5, that is!”

    Is he the cutest thing that side of VA Beach, or what?

    “All this sand, for me?”

    The end

    Foto Friday

    June 27th, 2009

    Another big one to wrap up our week 🙂

    My friend Daisy Mae — she’s a funny lookin’ cat!

    Coasters have so many applications: hat, chewy toy…

    Chillin’ w/ Daddy and Daisy. She has pullable ears.

    Cousin G

    Cousin J

    Holding Great-Grammie Piper’s hand

    Grammie is fun!

    Cousin G had a tea-party for her birthday. I didn’t go — I’m a boy.

    The ladies who take tea


    June 23rd, 2009

    G might crawl after all! It won’t be in the next few weeks, to be sure, but there’s hope for him yet.

    He is on all fours, he rocks back and forth, is able to support his weight on one arm, and slides backwards (which I’m told happens before moving forwards).

    I was really hoping that he might make those first steps forward in the presence of S’ family, so they can join in a “first” with us, but alas no! On the other hand, having a stationary baby on a flight is a good thing, as spending 8 hours cooped up with a baby wanting to explore their new-found mobility is not my idea of a good time.

    Still… exciting things to come…

    A lesson in elocution

    June 23rd, 2009

    G has a new favorite phrase. It stuns you with it’s eloquence. He does it so crisply too. Ready for what it is? Ok, here goes:


    It goes well on it’s own:


    With prolonged performance:


    In a row:

    Pffft, pfft, pffft!

    Or in combination with other key phrases:

    Dadadada, pffft!

    He does it with just the right amount of spit bubbles too. Over dinner, it goes especially well with a full mouth of carrot (or whatever is being served that evening). That way he ensures that everyone looks stunning in orange (or yellow) spittle.

    Yes, my son is an excellent orator.

    PS. Oh, and to the little girl at daycare who’s taught him to do this while eating — there’s a special place in my heart for you.

    Happy Birthday, Daddy!

    June 23rd, 2009

    We love you!

    PS. The doggie is borrowed from Grammie and Pop. She has very pullable ears.

    Caught on camera

    June 20th, 2009

    Ha! Guess what I saw yesterday? My “screams-bloody-murder-while-on-my-belly” child sleeping on what? That’s right — his belly! If this isn’t belly sleeping then I don’t know what is!

    You little stinker!

    Excuse me? Size what?!?!

    June 19th, 2009

    As it turns out the East Coast in the summer is a bit on the toasty side. Toasty an humid. This means hot-weather clothes. Now being a Northen CA girl who spends most of her days indoors, I’m quite comfortable in jeans. That’s right — full legged jeans. I do own a few pairs of shorts, it’s just a rarety to see me dawn them on.

    However, after S brought up how hot it would be out East, I figured “Eh, I might as well as throw a pair or two in my bag”. This I did.

    Well, come yesterday as I acknowledge that it is in fact hot, and it is in fact shorts weather, I decide to put one of said packed shorts on. Now, I should note that I packed shorts that I last wore 2 years ago. Being pregnant, and “larger than usual” last summer, I had no need (or ability) to wear those particular pairs of shorts. As I put them on I noted how snug they were. And then came the velcro fasten. The pair I dug out of my luggage had velcro instead of a zipper. I velcroed on, took a breath, only to immediately hear the velcro undo itself all the way down. Yeah, that’s when I realized that my lovely blue shorts no longer fit and that I don’t quite look the way I used to.

    That same afternoon as we did a quick Target run to pick up the common baby supplies we decided to just buy after we arrived (and spare ourselves in packing weight) I looked for some new shorts. I went into the fitting room not once, but twice, because it took me awhile to figure out what size I was.

    Let’s just say I am not pleased!

    I can’t say this is pregnancy’s fault though. I’ve regained my pre-baby weight, but the flab that accompanied the poundage has stuck around, and my dietary habits are certainly not encouraging it to pack it’s bags. Worse yet, I’m not working out and live a happily sedentary lifestyle. I blame it on the nursing, as I am very paranoid that weight loss and exercise will tank my supply to obscurity.

    In a few months though I will have no more excuses. I want to look at myself in the mirror and see my abs again. I miss those! I don’t know that I’ll ever have those again, but can I please get close? I’m not loving my acquired love handles 🙁

    Foto Friday

    June 19th, 2009

    Lots of fun = lots of photos 🙂

    Hanging w/ Cousin J

    Check out my new toys!

    Sugar from Auntie K

    Cousin G

    Great-grammie P

    G-grammie, check out Nubbs. He’s tasty! Want some?

    Upside-down kisses!

    Yum, giraffe butt! Tasty!