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    Foto Friday

    November 19th, 2010

    Nap-time all around


    Can you spot the culprit?

    S and I went shopping for a balance bike for G. He was much more interested in riding the box than the bike.

    My little reader at the library

    My boys.

    “Mamma, look-at Meeee!” (On Tuesday, G ran into our bedroom in this getup.)

    My parents were hippies

    November 18th, 2010

    I have no regrets over the names we have chosen to give our sons. However, it’s becoming increasingly more apparent to me that S2 will forever have to defend his parents’ choice in name for him.

    Yes, we do get very interesting reactions from people when they hear S2’s name. We also get some “great” follow-up questions. Enlightening beauties such as:

    “Isn’t that a girl’s name?” (Actually it’s a gender neutral name. One of the reasons I like it. But besides an X-Men character, how many other Storms do people know?)

    and my personal favorite:

    “Why?” (Well, why not? Why Thomas, or Michael or Jayden?)

    Case in point: when I was at the pharmacy picking up S2’s Zentac prescription (yep, started the reflux meds already), as the pharmacist is giving me the instructions, he interrupted himself mid-way just to ask me about the name. Like I was lying to him for the label. And I’m sure, given the ethnic distribution of our neighborhood, this guy has seen some names.

    So now I’m picturing S2 in his 20s, standing in line for the DMV (or whatever else) having to explain to the person behind the counter that 1) Yes, that really is his name; 2) No, it’s not a joke; 3) His parents were hippies (not really, but maybe this will just make the questioning over quicker)

    S thinks we should come up with something really tame that he can introduce himself as when he gets bored having to defend/explain the origins of his naming. What do you think we should go with?

    And just like that, 2 weeks have gone by

    November 16th, 2010

    I can’t believe that Little Dude is 2 weeks old. It’s not fair, because that newborn-ness is wearing off, and I’m not ready for it to.

    He’s still sleeping all the time. I’m appreciating this because I know it won’t last. He had a fussy night last night, but we’ve been fortunate that those have been few and far between. I keep asking myself every time this happens, if today will be the day that 9-11 day growth spurt to hit. However, at day 15 (today), I’m starting to wonder if it will come around 9-11 days after his due date. His whole growth spurt schedule is going to be all sort of messed up, but I’m enjoying all the sleep I can get now.

    Sleep-wise, we’re doing OK. He’s still sleeping in our bedroom. I’m still not comfortable with this arrangement, but I told myself after we get past the first growth spurt I’ll make a much stronger effort to get him in his room. For now we’re “sleep training” during the day. I say this in quotes, because it’s not true sleep training. I’m just trying to get him used to sleeping on something other than me, or in my arms. On Sunday he slept in his bouncer while I made dinner. This is huge, because it’s one step closer to Mommy Freedom. However, last night was a big fat bouncer fail, so thus far we’re shooting 50-50. I carried G around for 4 months, and while I still plan to heavily use my carrier collection, I’d like to be able to do things like… I dunno… eat without feeling like I will be dropping food chunks on my kid’s head while I do so. So, while I love baby cuddles, we need some hands-free Mommy time too.

    Weight wise, S2’s doing well too. At yesterday’s 2-week pedi visit he came in at 7lbs 4.5oz. Dr. M is pleased, and since we don’t have any shots until he’s 2 months old, he doesn’t find the need to see him sooner, unless something comes up. Speaking of things coming up, we’re on the look-out for reflux. We already have a few warning signs (yey, us) and a prescription for Zentac waiting for us at the local pharmacy. I’m not thrilled with the Zentac, but Dr. M would like to start off light. However, he agreed that he’d issue us a Prevacid upgrade quickly with our reflux history.

    My supply is doing well thus far, no thanx to the kid. The sleep above I mentioned is good, but he sleeps through feedings and this drives me bonkers. I pump at least once to twice a day, just to make sure that my body stays on it’s toes and doesn’t get too used to a baby that only wants to nurse one side at a time.

    Meanwhile, G is doing really well around his brother. I’m really proud of him! He’s gentle and sweet. He helps me by “gently” pushing on the swing or bouncer. Yesterday he even asked to give S2 a hug. Yes, he is still incredibly whiney, and very temperamental, but I’m struggling to draw the line between him being 2 and having a new, permanent house-mate. I know S is having to use every bit of patience with him, because G will go from “I want” one second, to “I don’t wanna” the next. I can see in his face how exhausted he is, but I appreciate every ounce of parenting he’s putting out there.

    With this, here are some more beeb photos (last of the “staged” newborn set). And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about G. You’ll see some big-brother mug shots on Friday 🙂