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    Pig in the Cow’s Butt

    March 2nd, 2011

    Post by S

    As part of G’s bedtime routine we read three books before he gets into bed. I had to put some limit on the number of books because G can go on and on with books to avoid going to sleep. “The Big Red Barn” has been in heavy rotation again. Sometimes I pause in the middle of the page and G finishes the sentences. Other times he gives his own commentary on the animals and their activities. It’s his commentary that led to a funny dialog about one page.

    G: “What’s that? (Pointing to the pink utters on the cow)
    Daddy: “Utters. That’s the cow’s utters.”
    G: “Nuh-uh. That’s pig.”
    Daddy: “No bud. That’s the cow’s utters. Milk comes from there.”
    G: “No! That’s pig!”
    Daddy: “Pig?” (confused for a second. Until I realized it was the pink color that made him think it was a pig.)
    G: “Yeah. Pig in the cow’s butt.”
    At this point, I didn’t know where to take the conversation, so I just read the rest of the page quickly and moved on.
    Now every time we get to that page in the book, he points to the cow’s utters and says “That’s pig…pig in the cow’s butt.”

    The Potty fake-out

    February 28th, 2011

    Our streaking saga continues…

    G has figured out a way to trick us into getting him naked: he asks to go potty. So I’ll put out there that long gone are the days I wished for a potty trained child. I was hopeful we could work on it before he turned 2. Now, not so much, so I’m not rushing him by ANY means. However, as of last week he’s asked to go potty. While I don’t think he’s ready, I can’t deny him the opportunity to go, so I fall for it. Every time.

    Why fall for it?

    Because asking for potty time, is G’s personal interpretation of the “If you give a mouse a cookie” book. It goes something like this:

    If you trust G that he has to go potty, you’ll go to the bathroom with him.
    When he sits on the potty he’ll ask you to take off his pants so they’re not in the way.
    When you take off his pants, he’ll get off the potty and run out the door.
    Fearing the territorial marking you can be in store for (if he really DOES have to potty), you chase after him.
    As you run after him, he’ll cackle with glee over his new-found freedom.
    Finally you’ll catch him and wrestle him into a diaper
    And chances are
    If you put a diaper on him, he’ll ask to go potty.

    So yeah, if you’re ever baby-sitting at our house, if G asks to go potty, hope you have your running shoes on.