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    Say “Aaaah!”

    July 29th, 2010

    Guess who saw the dentist yesterday?

    That would be G. He’s been due for an appointment for awhile. He has almost all his primary teeth (with the exception of the 2-year molars), so I figured it was high time someone checked out his pearly whites.

    Advice on when to schedule a dentist appointment is all over the place: I’ve heard “first tooth”, “two years”, “three years”. I even called a pediatric dentist office earlier this year, and they said to wait until he turned 2. Well, here we are.

    First off, overall, Little Man did awesome! He was super serious sitting down on Daddy’s lap in the dental chair, but didn’t cry when the dentist approached or touched him. He didn’t like having to lie down in her lap, nor getting his teeth flossed, but the appointment went SO much better than I expected.

    What he DID enjoy was brushing the teeth of the stuffed animals in the room after his check-up was done. They had a huge pink stuffed bunny, and a big stuffed kangaroo, and he was happy to share his newly acquired toothbrush with those guys. I will say the Mr. Kanga (the roo) was a bit eerie looking (look left) with a mouthfull of teeth, but G seemed to like him.

    The bad news is that we’re definitely looking into some hefty orthodontia for this kid. I was hoping that his overlapping front teeth were just a cute quirk that would go away after his permanent teeth come in, but as it turns out he inherited S’ wee-little jaws. There’s a good chance he’ll need some teeth removed and braces. Dr. A suggested that in addition to his college fund we kick off an orthodontia fun. Joy!

    Next appointment is in 6 months.

    PS: I’m happy to report that THIS healthcare provider’s last name DOESN’T start with an M. Between my OB, G’s pedi, my chiro, I’m getting tired of M’s.

    Oh cr@p!

    July 27th, 2010

    We spent our Sunday visiting A, R, and R. There was good food, a cooling pool, water toys, balls, and fun company. Oh… and blueberries (you might know where this is going, now)

    G hasn’t ever really HAD blueberries before. I mean sure, there have been an occasional few in a fruit salad, or a muffin, and certainly back in his jarred food days, but we’ve never really given him blueberries straight up. G spent his Sunday refusing to eat (we’re at the start of the 2 year molar torment), and spent a lot of his time saying “NO!” to anything I offered him. Little R LOOOVES him some blueberries as it turns out, so A had gotten a bunch for the party. I offered G one. He ate it and then proceeded to demand “Mo!” by the hand-full.

    Well, A and R warned us about the exit of said blueberries, and BOY were they right.
    First off, our “once a day pooper” turned into a poop machine come Monday (note to self, I might want to implement this for myself now that I’m approaching the 3rd trimester), and his diapers were “special”. I mean black! I mean stainy black. I managed to catch occurrence #1, thinking “Oh, hey this isn’t too bad!” And that I had saved Ms. J and Ms. S from the daily dump delivery. Boy was I wrong! He was just warming up.
    We’re still washing the load of diapers, so I have no idea how much stain is left on the diapes. I foresee some sunning in our future though.

    So I’m still pro blueberries, and obviously G enjoyed them too. I just might need to implement a “sposies after blueberries” guideline in the home.

    Fun times!

    Movie Monday

    July 26th, 2010

    This is how we know G is about to turn 2. The kid has well over 100 words in his dictionary, but his favorite right now is “No!”


    A happy G on week-end mornings. A rarety. Sadly you’re missing out on the Griffin-zilla walk. Think Godzilla, but replace with a toddler (in dino jammies) stomping around in a crib.


    Soccer class, it was good while it lasted

    July 23rd, 2010

    G’s daycare has a soccer class  every week on Wednesdays. G’s teachers have been telling us for awhile how much better he is than some of the older kids enrolled in the class, and that we should sign him up. We were told that the program is for kids 2+, and we waited until this last session started to enroll him since 2 is but a month away (eek!). His first class was last week.

    The bummer is that the soccer class is 3:30-4:30, so S and I can’t go watch (or take photos 🙁 ). We’ve had to rely on G’s teachers to tell us how he did. His first day sounded like a blast though. He started off shy since he didn’t know the coaches and most of the kids were new to him. Ms. J went out with him and he did awesome with her around. She held his hands most of the time and he kicked his little heart off. The daycare director even took some photos for us, and Mrs. J wrote us a sweet “report card”.

    This week he brought home his first class souvenir & sports injury: scraped knees. Little foes he know there will be many more of these in his future.

    The only sad news is that despite G having a fun time, and me enjoying hearing how he’s doing, he can’t continue with the class. The head couch sent me an email yesterday acknowledging that we’ve got a little athlete on our hands, but also noting that right now he’s just too young to participate. I’m bummed! He explained the class was really tailored for kids 3-5, and that G’s not able to fully partake in most of the activities. He asked us to reconsider next spring when he got closer to 2.5. It makes sense, and we will for sure. I’m just bummed.

    Honestly, G doesn’t care. If it’s a class, or not, as long as he’s got balls to kick and throw around he’s a happy guy. S and I will do our best to keep that excitement going, and hopefully prevent incidents like this morning where he nailed little T’s mom smack on the forehead with a soccer ball kick. Hey — my kid’s got aim!

    Foto Friday

    July 16th, 2010

    G’s first pony ride:

    G likes to gift Jammies. Pre-cuddling is part of the package. Also please observe his latest “buggie” tattoo.