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    Teething hellions

    March 30th, 2011

    We’ve been alerted that S2 is showing signs of teething. Kid is not even 5m old. WTF? Ensue my panic. I’m not ready for him to teethe! My nipples aren’t ready for him to teethe!!!

    It would explain a lot of his recent behavior though: the constant first in mouth, the drooling, the stuffy nose… the frequent night wake-ups.

    What’s the rush kid? You couldn’t wait to run for the exit, you’re staring at my food with those devouring eyes, and now this? Why couldn’t you take after me and wait to sprout chompers AFTER you turned one?

    Clearly there will be no break between teething children in our home. Just as G is finishing up his last molar we’ll be starting over again with S2. I can only hope, at least, that S2 will take it easy on us for those first few.


    Full service daycare

    March 30th, 2011

    I’ve mentioned this before, but daycare tracks diaper changes, bottles and naps for the kids in the infant/toddler room. I LOVE this! Being a data junkie aside, it’s actually really helpful for me as a working parent. It helps me plan for my evening better. Last bottle at 3, and it’s now 5:30? Well, then, baby’s dinner comes first. If it was after 5, then I have the possibility of eating with the S and G. Short naps throughout the day? Then get ready for a loooong night with lots of wake-ups.

    I look at this sheet every afternoon, so imagine my surprise last week when I saw this:

    7:20 Breastfed.

    Breastfed? Cool! This is a special treat for me since I left by 7:15 that day. So I jokingly asked Ms. J “So who breastfed by child this morning?” Poor Ms. J gave me the most horrified look. She doesn’t come in to open in the mornings, so, sadly, she had no idea what had happened that day. I assured her that I wasn’t upset in any way, just that I found it humorous.

    I will admit though, that I am just a wee-bit disappointed. How sweet would it be to have this option, huh? Talk about full service daycare!

    It hurts when I walk. I need to do more of it.

    July 15th, 2010

    Enforcing the saying that every pregnancy is different, the pregnancy-faerie is having some fun with my joints. I feel pretty stiff and in quite a bit of  pain from time to time. I have good days and not so good days, and the fact that I feel so stiff and achy mid-way through pregnancy, I fear,
    does not bode well for me come October and November.

    I’m acknowledging that I need help… of the exercise variety.

    While pregnant with G, I started meeting with a personal trainer twice a week from week 13 on. Plus I was in decent shape when I got pregnant. Now, it’s been two+ years later, with no regular exercise to speak of. And sadly, my body can tell.

    So I joined a prenatal exercise class. It meets twice a week, which is perfect and it’s close to home. It’s low impact, but still gets me moving and doing things I won’t on my own. The woman who leads it is a doula and childbirth educator, which is an interesting bonus, but not a personal trainer by any means, which in a minus. Luckily through all my previous sessions with a PT I know what’s a bad idea to do, so I can watch myself to prevent injury. Her sessions are exercise plus added childbirth/pregnancy/what’s on your mind conversations. It’s entertaining at the least.

    I’m hoping that introducing some exercise in my life right now will help loosen up those muscle cob-webs and get rid of the joint pain. But above all else, I’m hoping that my c/s recovery will also be made easier. I really want to feel the same way as after G: no pain meds and walking around with ease days after surgery.

    A girl can hope, right?