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    Life Lessons from Sesame Street

    March 17th, 2010

    This post is rated PG-13. Parental supervision is advised.

    Last night we all watched the Camping Show episode of Sesame Street. In this episode (for those of you who haven’t seen it), Elmo and Chris go camping. As they sit down for dinner, they’re interrupted by a beaver. Elmo invites the beaver over for dinner. Chris protests a bit, but after awhile consents and goes foraging for food with Mr. Beaver. Then they all return to the camp site and Chris talks about what he did. It’s at this point that S blurts out “Don’t worry Buddy, you’ll be doing things for Beaver for the rest of your life.”

    Yeah, you can close your jaw now too. I’ll give you a minute.

    First phrase

    March 17th, 2010

    G now officially has his first phrase. It’s “green ball” (or “geen ball” if you listen to him say it). I was debating whether I could count “oh, no!” from this past week-end, but now we have two more “official” words strung together.

    I’m excited! G still baby-babbles a ton, but I can’t wait to listen to the non-stop chatter of him telling me about his day… and actually understand what he’s saying.

    BTW, have I mentioned just how much I love his daycare?

    Speaking of daycare, I put in our application and deposit for the wee-one-baking yesterday. Yes, at only 4w along we’re on a wait list. Our daycare is really, really popular and their first opening, even for us, will be March 2011. I say even for us, because once you’re a parent here, you get priority in placement. Still, the list is this long, because other school parents are awaiting acceptance for their incoming kids. I swear, the current families will be keeping this program in business for years to come.

    Movie Monday

    March 15th, 2010

    Here’s some park-time fun for you guys.

    Mommy’s little climber


    Wee, slides!


    First showers and time changes

    March 14th, 2010

    G had his first real shower today. By real I mean just not after swim class. Today’s experience was a result of a cranky baby who didn’t want to get breakfast with dad and instead wanted to cling to me like a monkey. After two minutes of sorrowful whining outside of my glass shower door, I broke down, srtripped him of his clothing and brought him in with me. His first impression wasn’t to favorable. He dug his little bony butt into hip and clung to dear life. Trust me when I say that I’ve learned to do many things one handed (pulling up and buttoning jeans is my proudest accomplishment), but soaping up one handed with an 18m old leached to your body is not possible. So he got a full scrub down too.
    By the end of the shower he was really digging it. He was splashing his face and sticking out his tongue to feel the water.
    He also achieved his first ‘pee in the shower’ event. Yes, ladies, my son is one of THOSE kind of guys as it turns out. Luckily for that one he wasn’t clinging to me (although there’s high likelyhood he might have let one go earlier too).

    Next up? Timezone change. I gotta say before having a toddler the spring time change always sucked. Today, however, for the first time it felt good. You see my 6:12am rising son today woke up at 7:12…
    Or so the revised clock read. So I felt like i slept an extra hour.  While this might not technically be true, my mind was fooled into thinking it, so I felt less resentful about getting up with him.

    Speaking of sleeping, Why is G only sleeping 7:20-6:15/20 these days? He was my 7:20-7:30 sleeper. Now for 2 full weeks he’s been pulling 11hr overnights where he used to do 12. Granted his naps at daycare seem to be better (we attribute this to one of his friends aging up to the next class), but does that mean his night-time sleep should suffer? Or should I say MY night-time sleep should suffer 🙁
    Do you think he might just be telling his us ready for a later bed-time?

    Foto Friday

    March 12th, 2010

    We spent a few hours last Sunday at the Coyote Point Museum. We had fun! G really enjoyed the Tinkering exhibit. He also glued himself to the Bobcat exhibit, pointing at the “Ki-ii”es. The kitties appreciated the attention, by mounting each other in that “I like YOU!” kind of way 🙂 It was a very chilly day, but we had a blast. We’ll be back for sure.

    “Where do we start?”

    “It’s like my busy gears. But bigger!”

    I just love this look of amazement.

    “Fog machine!”

    “I can walk on air!”

    Daddy love

    I think the wind tunnel was his favorite part

    Bird of prey


    Headbangers’ Ball

    March 11th, 2010

    When G gets mad he throws tantrums. Occasionally, G’s tantrums involve him banging his head on something: typically the hardest surface in proximity he could find. We’ve tried to discourage this, and redirect his mortification to a soft surface (like the couch, or the carpet), but not getting the desired effect, he always goes back to the door, or table, or whatever.

    Don’t ask me why he does this. His “You’re not giving me what I want!” pain converts to “Man, this hurts (physically)!” pain pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s kind of humorous to watch (does this make me a mean mommy?). Thankfully he’s been weaning himself off the head-injury incidents and they’re happening less and less.

    Except for yesterday. Yesterday at daycare (yes, this is a second-hand story), G got mad and proceeded to bang his head on the cabinet. Little Z, who is just a few months younger than G, having observed this dramatic display, approached G. Looking at him curiously, he decided to give head-banging a shot, so standing next to G on the cabinet, he too began hitting his head. Unlike G, however, Z figured out head-banging wasn’t really all that much fun, so he went back to whatever he was doing.
    G meanwhile was uneffected. Sigh, he didn’t even appreciate the flattery of imitation.

    Artwork Day

    March 8th, 2010



    All the uses for a box

    March 7th, 2010

    Boxes are fun! And they have so many uses.

    1) To give the appearance you’re taller you can can stand on one. If height advantage is still insufficient, add a second, or even third box.

    2) They make for excellent step-stools.

    3) And wonderful hiding spots

    20th percentile, Baby!

    March 6th, 2010

    For the first time in his life, G reached the 20th percentile group for weight. Woo hoo!

    He weighs 22 lb 0.7 oz as of this morning, which is 10kg on the dot.

    Height-wise, however he’s only in the 1st percentile, making him a short and stubby dude. All he needs is a Jersey accent and he’d be perfect for the Mafia, no?

    Foto Friday

    March 4th, 2010

    Remember when I said that G likes to pretend he’s Evil Kneivil? Yeah, here’s proof!

    An out-take from our monthly photos

    Climbing is his new thing