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    Aah, the joys of childproofing

    July 24th, 2009

    Let me tell you about G’s day the other day. We were up in his room, where I let him roam around. It’s his room, filled with baby items (with few exceptions). In the span of 30 minutes my monkey:

    1) pulled and ate on the power cord to the fan in his room. When that was taken away he protested and then moved on to pull (and eat) the power cord to his swing

    2) dug up a bottle of  lactation support supplements that I’d forgotten about (they tasted horrible, and I put them on the bottom shelf of my glider table, where they were consequently forgotten). Said  bottle was discovered entering G’s mouth and then promptly taken away (post-haste esp. since it didn’t have a childproof cap)

    3) found the batteries of the disconnected TiVo remote control and also decided to put them in his mouth.

    Notice an eating trend here?

    So yeah, electrical cords, meds and batteries: it’s as if someone had identified all the bad things in his room, given him a list and said “Go for it kid! Let’s give mommy a heart attack!”. No breaks in between for fluffy toys, or child-approved rattles. No. All the things that make me look like an awful parent.

    So guess what S and I are going this week-end? Childproofing like mad, running behind a 2 foot-tall trouble-maker and using the word “No!” a lot.

    Childproofing tips are welcome.

    Foto Friday

    July 23rd, 2009

    G’s jail cell (aka crib)

    “Drinking’s for chumps. Plastic tastes so much better!”

    “Do I look mischievous?”

    Baby on the move

    “Hmn… now that I got here, how do I get out?”

    Cutest way to sleep

    July 20th, 2009

    How is this not one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen?

    Soooooo hard to resist pinching his little rump!

    Wanted: Harem Girls

    July 20th, 2009

    As it turns out, G has very specific guidelines for what he will put in his own mouth. It goes something like this? If food, ignore; else, insert.

    That’s right. He will play with his food, push it around his tray, pick it up, shake it in his fist, throw it over his shoulder (or any other direction for that matter) but when it comes to putting it in his mouth, it’s as if you’re asking him to eat mud. I’ve tried this with puffs, cheese, apples, all of which end up ultimately on my floor and not his mouth. Other items however: toys, fabric… metal chair railing, table edge, all tasty.

    It’s not as if he doesn’t know that food is food: if I pick it up and direct to his mouth, he opens up. He just prefers for someone else to do the work for him.

    So I’m thinking he needs to figure out this whole “self feeding” thing. I mean, he could post an ad for some Harem Girls and all, but I don’t imagine that’s a financially sustainable long-term solution. Besides, if he smashes his own face in birthday cake it’ll be cute; if I do it it’s just plain mean. And we all know this self-feeding thing is all about the cake smash photos, right? ;p

    Baby on the move

    July 19th, 2009

    So somewhere in the last 24 hours G has figured out how to crawl. He’s no longer rollie-pollie’ing around but is using those little legs of his to get him places. I’m sitting in marvel of this new accomplishment. I’m so proud of my little man, while choosing to be blissfully ignorant (for the time being) of all the trouble he’s about to start getting himself into, or the fact that life as I know it is now over.

    I also feel sorry for Neko — his long restful naps of sitting juuuuust at arms reach from G are now long gone. I think he’s figured out what’s going on, because he’s been favoring the high-ground all day. On the bonus side, his vet did want him to get on a diet and loose some weight. G is happy to oblige with some motivation to get a move on. Operation “Protect Fluffy Tail” has now commenced.

    Here’s our little man on the move:


    Today was also the day G’s crib dropped all the way to the bottom. Being at the second lowest setting didn’t last long. I observed him trying to pull himself up to standing by the pole of his Tiny Love mobile this morning. He got as far as his getting on his knees, so standing can’t be too far away. What was amusing about that whole scene was that he really wasn’t using his legs to get lift — he was completely using his upper body strength to pull up. He takes after me on that one.

    So… know of any baby pull-ups competition? I have a feeling in a few weeks I might have a champion ;p

    Foto Friday

    July 16th, 2009

    Practicing the baby split

    “Mess? What mess?”

    “See my top teeth now?”

    This is the baby version of plumber’s crack

    Step…. step….