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    Things I am thankful for

    • My parents insisting I stick with English classes (and making me go even when I wanted to play with my friends)
    • A revolution against communism: without which my father may have returned back to Bulgaria (from Japan) and not come to the US
    • Parents that recognized that I am an experience learner and had the patience to watch me make my own mistakes and learn through them
    • UC Berkeley: which gave my father employment and the opportunity for us to live amongst some of the most beautifully diverse and open minded communities in the world
    • UC San Diego’s non-existent architecture program (although advertised): with which, had it actually been there, I might not have taken a CS major instead
    • Having my own apartment. Sure it was in the middle of no-where, and my commute to work was ridiculous, but I learned a lot about who I am on my own
    • Skydiving: which showed me a new level of freedom, introduced me to some awesome friends, and tested my boundaries
    • All the break-ups I had and the guys I went through with to show me who I was really looking for
    • Scient: for introducing me to S and kicking off a great career
    • Being laid off from Grand Central networks: which have S and I a push to move in together
    • Yahoo!: for introducing me to amazing minds, helping me figure out who I want to be, and showing me that stock options CAN be worth something (even after a .com bust)
    • Caring and loving in-laws that I really enjoy spending time with
    • Science: which made my kids possible, and their delivery safe
    • Stanford REI: see part 1 above
    • Sleepless nights with healthy kids, although at 2am I can’t say I feel particularly grateful 🙂
    • 2 awesome little dudes… Even when they drive me crazy
    • 1 great husband, who is patient, and loving, and does more than his share of contribution to our home
    • A snugly fur-ball
    • A sister that contributes more to our family than anyone realizes
    • Friends
    • All the people that support us daily

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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