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    So long pump!

    Yesterday marked the end of an era: my pump and I bid each other adieu. 15m14d into our second go-around relationship, we’re done.

    I had told myself I would keep pumping as long as I had enough milk to send to daycare for S2 for one bottle. Well, my freezer stash dried up today, and I was producing so little, that I was really only topping off a bottle.

    I remember when I stopped pumping with G, I felt so liberated. Free. Today, as I packed up my pump and brought it home for the last time, I felt sad. Nostalgic.

    It’s been good to me. It kept my kids happy. And mean to me: because it only pointed out my inadequacies. It’s definitely showing it’s use (and abuse), as it’s routine lugging around have pulled apart the seams, torn the zipper pull, and exposed the wires of the AC adapter. It’s traveled to Europe, and to the East Coast. It’s helped me collect over 65 gallons of milk for the boys, and suffered through over 600 hours of run time. Trust me it’s WAY more than paid itself off.

    So now it will retire to the corner of the cabinet underneath my bathroom sink. I’m still nursing and will bring it out if needed when I can’t feed S2. And when that’s over? Well, then I don’t know. The PISA’s are not recommended for use beyond a single person since they are not a closed system machine. Maybe I’ll dissect it ;p

    One response to “So long pump!”

    1. KirstenPfleger says:

      Congratulations! What a great run you have had nursing both of your boys. I know that it has been a struggle at times.

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