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    Hair today, gone tomorrow

    I cut my hair last night. Short.

    After 20 months of prenatal vitamins, my hair has been the healthiest and longest it’s ever been. So I decided to donate it. I’d always wanted to, and I figured that what better time to do it, then when I’m hopped up on superhuman vitamins. Besides, this might be the last time that I’ll be able to.

    I’m pretty pleased with my decision.

    The hair will go towards making wigs for cancer patients, who are loosing/have lost their hair to treatment. If my hair will help someone decide to seek treatment that could save their life (no joke, some people avoid it knowing they’ll loose their hair), then it’s worth it. I’m not in a position to find a cure for cancer, sadly, but this is one way of me helping.

    There were two organizations I was looking into: Locks of Love and Beautiful Lengths. I ultimately went with Beautiful Lengths because their charter… plus hair length requirement was shorter (8″ as opposed to 10″). At 9″ I had as much as I could bear of loooong hair and decided I had enough.

    Now my hair is resting in a zip-lock bag waiting to be sent out.

    After my pony tail was put in a bag, my stylist said “What do you want to do now?”. My response? “Whatever you want!” But I had one condition: it couldn’t require styling, product or hairdrying of any sort because let’s face it — I like to sleep in the morning, and sleep wins over hair in my book any day. I wake up at 6 these days, do “G chores”/basic hygiene for the first 30 minutes, feed/change/dress G and then we’re out of the house on our way to daycare and work. All this in 50 minutes. There’s no time for hair in there. The result was the epitome of the “mommy hairdo” (a Bob in my case), but it’s working for me.  I feel lighter, although running my fingers through my hair makes me feel like something’s missing (or a lot is missing ;p).

    So that’s the story of the “Mommy Do”. Hope G will be proud!

    7 responses to “Hair today, gone tomorrow”

    1. Marisa says:

      It looks really, really cute!

    2. Katie says:

      Super cute!! I’m all bobbed myself. 🙂

    3. thehabe says:


    4. Charmaine M. says:

      It looks great! And I <3 that organization!

    5. Christa says:

      Super cute hair!!!

      You’ve got a blogger award on my page!

    6. Kirsten says:

      It looks great!

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