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    Blogging: it’s not just digital anymore

    I haven’t mentioned this yet, but this nifty little blog of ours exists beyond just the online, digital format: I print it out. And no, I don’t mean, use-my-printer-at-home-and-put-stuff-in-a-binder printing… I mean book-bound, Holiday-gift-worthy printing.

    Blurb.com makes this process super easy. Not only is the book creation software easy to use, but Blurb also imports all of your blog entries in for you.

    Sadly, until we can get moving paper (ala Harry Potter), Movie Mondays aren’t nearly as fun, but hey — the rest comes out pretty well.

    To date I’ve created 4 Gametes In Love volumes:
    – Vol I: Our journey through infertility, treatment and good news
    – Vol II: Pregnancy hi-jinx and birth
    – Vol III: 0-6 months of G fun
    – Vol IV: 6-12 months of G

    I’m not really sure if I’m going to be doing a book every 6 months. I’m contemplating doing one every year going forward, but seeing as my last two books went over 150 pages, I fear what the size of a years worth of blogging looks like.

    Either way, I wanted to spread the word about Blurb. Aside from making blog books, Blurb does amazing photo books too. Enjoy making your own!

    2 responses to “Blogging: it’s not just digital anymore”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Cool! Do you have to replace all the blog pics with hi res versions more suitable for printing?

      • avalikelava says:

        Yes, I do have to replace the web-imported pics with higher res versions, but I also tend to put a lot more pics in the book than I post on the blog so it ends up working out better. Blurb let’s you know too which pics won’t print well because they’re not hi-res enough.

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