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    Blast from MY past

    When I was growing up, TV programming wasn’t exactly plentiful. There was morning programing until about 11am, P.M. programing from 4 to midnight (I’m assuming midnight since I never stayed up long enough to know) and a bit fat dead-zone in the between. And there was only one channel. Ok, two, but the second was only live on Tuesday evenings. And then there was Channel 4, which was the fuzzy channel that picked up reception from Russia.

    To top it off, children’s programming was even scarcer: a hour’s worth in the morning (which no-one could watch ‘cuz we were all in school/kinder/daycare), and another hour in the afternoon.

    Aah, life in a communist country. So simple 🙂

    The one thing that was consistent though, was that every week-night from 8pm-8:10pm, there would be a kid’s good night show. The story would change every evening, but the opening and closing credits were always the same: Suncho (which kind of loosely translates to the sleep faerie). Well, I’ve been humming the song to the boys for quite some time now, until I got the bright idea to check out YouTube for it. And guess what? It was there!

    So now, my nightly routine with G is to read him 2 books, sing the song with him, then let him watch the credits cartoon on my phone. I won’t deprive you of this experience (the cartoon part I mean), so here goes:


    Much to my surprise, there was not 1 but 12 of these videos, that the station would rotate seasonally. I remember almost all of them, now that I watch them, but I just never realized it before.


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