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    Best FB exchange

    I wanted to document this because it was honestly one of the awesomest FB exchanges I’ve had.

    I made Easter Bread. I bought brand new yeast, used fresh ingredients. Things were going really well. Until I had to let my dough rise. 30 min. Nothing. I put my bowl on top of a heating pad on low, and covered it, in case the house was too cold. Another 30 min still nothing. Another 60 min. Same.

    So I posted “What gives Easter bread? Why you no rise???” (truly not meaning anything past my frustration with my yeasties being lazy). And I got this:

    TN: LOL
    Me: Actually no pun was initially intended. But now I’m going to pretend I was witty and meant it.
    TN: It’s the unintended sacrilege that makes it funny
    TN: Did you buy Jewish yeast? They don’t rise during Passover
    Me: Ha! It was Fleishmann’s.
    TN: another mystery solved 🙂

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