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    A letter to our maintenance team

    So we’ve got a little spider situation going on at work. Actually, let me take this back. We have a BIG spider situation going on at work. Those suckers are HONKIN’ huge. I’d take a photo of one for you with my hand in it for scale comparison, but I’m seriously creeped out by these guys. Their bodies are the size of a dime. They’re black (not Black Widow, thank goodness) and just generally yucky-looking.

    They’ve gotten quite happy with our campus grounds. I think they’re having a convention since there is one on EVERY.BUSH.AND.TREE (and we have a lot of trees and bushes).

    So today I had enough and filed a request to our maintenance team. Here goes:

    Dear Facilities Team,
    Can you please help resolve the spider situation we have going on outside of building E? I’m specifically referring to the sidewalks between E and A/D buildings. Have you SEEN those spiders? They’re not hard to miss as every tree and bush has a spiderweb big enough to capture a sheep and the spider is hanging out in the middle of it.

    The spiders especially enjoy connecting their webs between the trees on one side of the side-walk, to the light posts on the other side of the side-walk. I think they’re getting ready to feast on the Yahoo!s.

    I’m especially anxious because of these critters. I’m 7 months pregnant, and am a little creeped out by the idea of being bitten. While it would be cool for my unborn child to have super-powers, I’d prefer a Superman vs. a Spiderman.

    Anyway, can you please get rid of the spiders?

    Thank you!

    So I should be spider free by next week, right?

    Update: OK, one of my colleagues took a photo of one:

    One response to “A letter to our maintenance team”

    1. Wendy says:

      Very cute! But gross!

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