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    You NEED this chair

    Ok, so it’s a little early for another edition of “Surviving the X year: The Gear” post, since we just did one not too long ago, but here’s another baby gear item that’s been really good to us: the Fisher-Price Deluxe Booster Seat.

    We got ours used (thank you T and D), and although it wasn’t a great seat for us at first, it’s been really handy lately. We have the Fisher-Price Space Saver high chair at home, which I love. It reclines, which was key to us when G first started on solids. He just used to hunch over too much, and wasn’t able to sit absolutely upright, so this chair didn’t quite work out.

    However, now that’s he’s a confident sitter, this is quite good. For us this is the chair that we take on the go whenever we go out. It’s actually better than high-chairs you get at restaurants (at least to me). Sadly, there are also many places that either don’t have enough of, or don’t have any high-chairs at all. So this is super handy. It collapses small, so it doesn’t take up much room in the car (and with our Honda Fit that’s a plus). It’s light to carry, and easy to clean. The trays also easily fit in the dishwasher too if you need a more serious spray-down. All of a sudden any chair you have access to becomes a baby seat. G to your left is sitting on a stool at Noah’s bagels (he loves him a cinnamon raisin bagel, by the way). A stool people — a chair with no back. Ha!

    As our second high-chair it’s also really convenient for when we have company with babies over — that way G can enjoy his meal with a friend, rather than waiting to take turns.

    I wouldn’t use this as my only high-chair, but as on-the-go item, it’s a really nice to have and at $25 a pretty good buy.

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    1. Christina says:

      So glad you guys found this! We have one and we LOVE it. No more having to use the disgusting high chairs at restaurants. 🙂 Here’s another tip you might like: we found a “carrying case” for it at the Container Store. It’s a canvas box with a frame and a zip closure made by Reisenthel. In a seeming coincidence, it fits the FP booster seat perfectly! We’ve impressed many a hostess/waitress when we arrive with our self contained (clean!) seating solution. 😉 And it just makes it easier to juggle all the gear.

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