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    You can’t add “ie” to the end of every word

    I learned an interesting lesson today: apparently the “ie” suffix is not an appropriate addition to all words.

    Remember Nubs? One of G’s buddies? Well, occasionally I call Nubs, Nubsie. Well, G has his own name for his giraffe: he calls him Nuk. I don’t know how we got from Nubs to Nuk, but whatever.

    G’s routine in the morning is to get up, stand up in his crib and then toss his buddy as far out of the bed as possible. And then point and go “Nuk fall” (No darlin’, Nuk didn’t fall, he was pushed!). I picked up Nuk, handing it to G asking him if he wanted his buddy. Except I didn’t use the word “buddy”. Instead I used the name G gives him. And I added an “ie” at the end. And then I realized that didn’t sound good. At all.

    Here’s hoping G won’t use this new word to name his friend.

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