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    Yeah, I think we’re on track

    In advance of S2’s 18m appointment, we were given a 23-question questionnaire to fill-out. I suspect the purpose is to detect early markers for Autism, based on the questions. It must be a new thing for our office, because we didn’t do this with G. So let’s see…

    #3. Does your child like climbing on things, such as up stairs?
    Climbing? Why yes, especially foot-stools that lead up to sinks, because he is completely OCD when it comes to washing his hands. He also enjoys falling off of said step-stools because he mis-calculated the distance between his reach and the location of the hand-soap.

    #6. Does your child ever use his/her finger to point, to ask for something?
    Yes. Obsessively! Followed by the sign for “more”. And the sound for what I’m pretty sure is “this”. And he’s determined to not stop asking until he gets what he wants… or may the force be with you.

    #13. Does your child imitate you?
    Uhmn… I hope not. Sarcasm doesn’t look good on a 16m old.

    #19. Does your child try to attract your attention to his/her own activity?
    Well, does grinning ear to ear when he’s doing something naughty, and hopes you will smile instead of get mad count? ‘Cuz we’ve got that!

    #20. Have you ever wondered if your child is deaf?
    Selectively? Yes, I’m pretty certain he is, because I know I’ve told him not to try and pull off the safety guards off of our electrical outlets, and he (chooses not to) hear me.

    So I think we’re pretty good.

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