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    Why they getting milk from the cow booty?

    G had the unfortunate reality check of seeing where cow’s milk comes from the other day. He was watching a cartoon (child-appropriate, I assure you), and was highly perplexed over the process of milking. He first asked what they were doing, and then wanted to know why they were getting milk from the cow’s rear end. Sweet! Perplexed, I just answered “Because that’s where the cow utters are”.

    On the bonus side, he doesn’t seem to be traumatized by this experience, and is still chucking 8oz of milk upon waking up each morning.

    One response to “Why they getting milk from the cow booty?”

    1. BecomingMom says:

      LOL, I’ve actually debated in my head if I should explain to Jasper why there are always pictures of cows on his milk container.. but then thought twice about it given that his dad is totally grossed out by milk (and eggs too!).

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