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    What do dinosaurs eat?

    G has a new TV show obsession: Dinosaur Train. Long gone are the days he’s asked for George (Curious George) or Cat (Cat in the Hat). Now the only thing he ever wants to watch is Dinosaur Train. (As a side note, his favorite episode is the shark episode and he watches it every day. It’s kind of cute to hear him pronounce “Cretoxyrhina”)

    PBS online has a kid’s portion of the site. It’s a “supplemental” to a lot of their shows, so occasionally G asks to watch DT on my computer, which really means he wants to play the DT games. His favorite is “All Aboard”. You play the conductor by seating various dinosaurs on benches, feeding them from the food cart and giving them the boot at their respective era stop.

    The food part gives you the option of feeding them either a leaf or a fish based on the dinosaur’s diet being a herbivore, carnivore or either. So yesterday at the Velociraptor, we have the following exchange:

    Me: Alright, Bud. What should we give him? The leaf or the fish?

    G: That one (poking with his finger on the leaf). [Yeah, kid, this ain’t yo’ daddy’s iPad. You actually have to use a mouse to do something here. Old school, I know!]

    Game: Velociraptor is a carnivore. He only eats meat.

    Me: This dinosaur eats meat, Buddy [I call him Buddy, a lot. Don’t know why.] The leaf is a plant, and the fish is meat. What should we give him?

    G: That one (poking with his finger, again, on the leaf).

    Me: No, kiddo. This is a plant. The dinosaur only eats meat. Should we give him the fish?

    G: No! PASTA!

    Huh. Clearly the Velociraptor would prefer Durham flour byproducts over flesh. Ok, I’ll take that. It does change the Jurassic Park book/movie storyline one heck of a lot though.

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    1. becoming-mom says:

      So cute! Jasper like dinosaur train, but he REALLY likes superwhy. I actually bought him the superwhy app in desperation one night at a restaurant and he LOVES it! But these days he won’t even watch cartoons, he only wants to watch toys story or shrek.. he’s becoming a couch potato..they get so addicted!!

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