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    Visit to the pumpkin patch

    We took G to meet some pumpkins yesterday. Last year he was too young for a visit to the pumpkin patch, so I had to wait my turn. Well, no more waiting! G’s a big boy now, ready for some orange gourd action, and I’ve been really excited seeing the pumpkin patches getting setup around town.

    We spent our morning at Lemos Farm, and while S and I were having a pretty good time, G was just “Eeeh!” I don’t know if he just needed a nap, or he was still feeling poopy from yesterday (he had a light fever and spent almost all day sleeping it off), but he was not in a mood to be social. He was quiet and focused, and generally just stared off into the distance. My happy-go-lucky boy who mostly smiles, was just in a “Eh! Can we go home yet?” mood. We got a few grins, so my face was glued to the camera in hopes I would capture one should it present itself.

    Either way, enjoy the photos.

    Lemos Farm also has a petting zoo. There are a family of goats enjoying the grub provided by kids. We took G up to the fence, but didn’t give him any feed (mostly because I was worried that G would end up chowing down the pellets along with the goats). Well, the goats, expecting food, wouldn’t take empty hands for an answer and decided to conduct a pat down search: it began with eating G’s sweater. At first G was perplexed over what was going on, but feeling the constant tug of a hungry goat made him mad and he started crying. Yeah, it was pretty darn funny!

    Want more photos? These and many more are posted on Flickr.

    Oh, PS. Did you notice the photo of him standing unsupported? Oh yeah — he did it a few times yesterday each lasting for 10 seconds or more. I have a feeling unsupported walking is but a month away ūüôā

    4 responses to “Visit to the pumpkin patch”

    1. Kirsten says:

      Great photos!

    2. Rebecca says:

      Cute photos =)
      You managed to get plenty of smiles, I never would’ve guessed that he was having a grumpy day. Who wouldn’t get upset about a goat eating their sweater…

    3. Christine says:

      These are beautiful photos! He is so adorable. We haven’t been able to get Cate to a pumpkin patch because it seems to pour every weekend. I’ll have to see if I can get one in before Saturday.

    4. […] our trip to Lemos Farm. Last year we brought G here to for his first pumpkin overload, and if you remember, he surprised us by standing up on his own for the first time during our […]

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