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    Toddler drool: the secret to good hair

    I think I’ve discovered the secret to amazing hair: have your toddler drool on it all night long.

    I’m actually not kidding.

    G right now has a bit of a head cold. (Cross my fingers) he’s not sick, sick, but he has a stuffy nose. Since he refuses to BLOW his nose, it means that he wakes up at night stuffed up and doesn’t know what to do about it. He went to bed the other night super whiny and wanted me to go to bed with him (which I did). It was a rough night. He woke up often, stuffed up and coughed. We finally tackled him and used the Nosefreida on him (which by the way, on a kicking toddler is no fun), and then he was able to sleep. Sleep on my head.

    I woke up with his face in my hair, mouth agape, “styling” my locks through the early hours of the morning.

    Of course, since it was 6, we needed to be out of the house at 7, and I had myself to get ready, and infant to nurse/change/dress, and bags to get in the car, there was no room for a shower. Yes, hold your disgust please. This is called being a parent, Okay?

    BUT, my hair looked awesome!!!! If this is what bed-head looks like post a night of toddler drool, I’d almost sign up for that daily. It had lift, the ends were curled up at the bottom, and it fell “just right” in a way I could only replicate if I spent a good long time with gel, blow-drier and a curling brush. Things I’m not doing in the morning these days, to be sure.

    I really should’ve taken a picture.

    2 responses to “Toddler drool: the secret to good hair”

    1. Adrienne says:

      Omg. SO funny! I’m not sure it would work with my hair though, and besides, Marin absolutely won’t sleep with me. Oh well.

      • avalikelava says:

        Adrienne, for better or for worse, my hair comes in two forms: straight or straighter, so frizz is typically something I never have to worry about. It’s also the reason why styling my hair is such a defeatist cause. Whatever I do is gone within hours.

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