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    Theft through cuteness

    G is now the proud owner of a Wilson Volleyball ball. All through his charms and wiles.

    We went to my company’s picnic yesterday. There was blow up house for the kids (which G ignored), water-balloon fight (which G refused to participate in), yummy food (which G had to be bribed to eat), and ice cream (which G was ALL over). But despite all this, it was fun, and today on the way to day-care G declared that he wanted to go to work with me, and I wouldn’t believe me that my office was really quite boring in comparison to his day-time gig. We agreed to trade, and I can go to preschool instead, and he to my job… except I had to drive him to work first. 3 yrs old (almost) and already demanding a personal cheuffer. Hmnf!

    Anyway, back to the ball.

    One of my colleagues brought a volleyball. It’s a Wilson brand ball, special edition with the red paw-print from Cast Away. Quite frankly G didn’t care what it looked like: just that it was round, and went far when kicked. And kick it he did. ALL. OVER. THE. FIELD. (He actually impressed quite a few of my colleagues, and they were using terms about what he was able to do that I’d never heard before). The family who owned the ball needed to leave before us, but they told us we can hold onto the ball and just return it the following day, since they didn’t have the heart to take it away from G. Today, I brought it in, and the woman said they watched how much G was loving on the ball and decided to let him keep it.

    So. New ball for the monkey.

    I am left questioning why this approach doesn’t work for me. There was a pretty blue Lotus parked in the parking lot yesterday. If I show it a whole lot of affection, what do you think the chances are the owner would give it to me just because I’m cute? Low? Yeah. I thought so too.

    One response to “Theft through cuteness”

    1. Grammie says:

      He will quickly learn that this will work just by saying “can I take it home”
      most people can not resist a cute child

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