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    The teenager in my home

    G has picked up some new phrases that make me marvel and both their crisp delivery and associated ‘tude. They are:

    1. “No way!”

    2. “Whaaaat?”

    3. “I see Mamma’s butt!”

    For this last one, I was bending over cleaning up his toys in the living room. G and S, meanwhile were in the dining room having breakfast. G had a clear view of me. S didn’t, so I guess G decided to describe the scenery.

    Where does he get this stuff?

    One response to “The teenager in my home”

    1. Rebecca says:

      At least he’s not making commentary on your butt. Heidi’s been comparing things lately (this is big and this is little).. So the other day she says “Momma you have a big butt. I have a little butt and you have a big butt” And I can’t really argue with her there.

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