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    The surgery

    S2 has ear tubes put in yesterday. It’s been an experience, and he was a remarkable trooper.

    It didn’t start settling in for me what was going to happen until our pre-op call with the hospital this Monday. When the nurse started talking about fasting, bubble-gum flavored anesthesia, and visiting in recovery it started to hit me. Yet, the scariest part to me, was not the time away, nor the actual surgery, but NOT being allowed to feed him. I felt comfortable with everything else, but the idea of denying him food, and breaking our morning routine was just not my idea of a good time. I dreaded it, and having to hear “Ou-a muk?” (where’s the milk) with him giving me his little palm-up questioning expression as the very first words out of his mouth greeting me was not fun. Yet, he did great!

    He behaved at the surgery center… for the most part, and other than treating the waiting area chairs as a jungle gym and slapping our admitting nurse across the face, he was an angel. We’ll pretend I didn’t mention that last part 🙂

    S was worried how our little guy would react to being taken away from us by a complete stranger, but he took off with the anesthesiologist without a problem.

    The surgery itself was 15 minutes. I ate a croissant. Used the rest-room. And then we were called in to see him.

    It was rough walking into the recovery room and hearing him cry though. Especially since he was still out of it, and it was ultimately like trying to comfort a child that was having a night terror. I felt bad for the adults that were recovering in the same space too: it’s an open room, with curtains for “privacy”. Lemme tell you, curtains are not the same as a calm, soundproof space. We got to take him home within 20 minutes, where he proceeded to nap, eat a ton, and then start causing mischief 🙂

    Now… let’s see if this makes an impact on the frequency of ear bugs. Meanwhile, S and I are over-sensitive to what he’s saying. I realize that a speech break-through the next day is unrealistic, but we keep asking if he’s more talkative today than other days.

    Here’s a few iPhone pics of his morning

    My morning sunshine. I wish I got his “Where’s my milk?” pose though.

    Helping me get him ready

    The waiting area. Seconds before this…

    …became this

    Reading Keates. Upside down. It’s ok — it makes as much sense in this direction as rightside up.

    On the way to pre-op

    Nurse: And what is S2’s REAL name? Us: S2. Nurse: Really?!

    Listening to S2’s bugs

    Reading the waiting room literature

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