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    Strawberry fields

    We went to pick strawberries today. I’ve always wanted to go berry picking, and now that G is a bit older, and has an unreasonable obsession with strawberries and bananas, I thought it would be a fun week-end activity. My sister and L came by this afternoon and I dragged them to Swanton Berry Farm.

    I was pretty impressed with the place. Organic fruits, nice people, and as far as a place of dirt goes it was pretty clean! They were also pretty prepared for the ‘I don’t need anything more than a diaper bag, right?” non-planners such as me, and had boxes, carry handles, and even little wagons considerately provided.

    G napped on our drive over, and started getting his bearings while L was pulling him in our borrowed, little wagon. G loves little wagon rides so this was a good way to start off our adventure. We parked half-way up the strawberry aisles and waddled in. It took the little man a minute or so to realize that he was looking at his favorite red fruit and go “Oooh!” He then proceeded to pick and shove berries in his mouth. Sometimes double fisting. He learned the hard way what an un-ripe berry tastes like. I told him to only go for the red ones, but he spotted a big yellow one and insisted he try it. Well, a “Ewwwww!” sound later, I watched said yellow berry get hurled into the dirt. I warned you, Kid.

    Aunt P and L were very, very helpful. I will admit they picked almost all the berries today. G’s idea of helping was lightening the load by directing fruit straight to his belly. I helped best I could, but watching (and taking photos of)  G smear strawberry juice over his hands and mouth was a bit more fun.

    Here are some pics of our day.

    Arriving in style.

    Strawberries as far as the eye can see

    “Mamma said to pull hard”

    “This is mine, right?”


    Free labor!

    “Right hand, left hand… I can’t decide which one tastes better…”

    L’s Gremlin strawberry

    “Look, Mama! I found a rock.”

    “No! I said LOOK AT MY ROCK!”

    Strawberry vampire

    The fruits of our labor… well really the fruits of Auntie P and L’s labor

    Overall, it was a good trip. We’ll be back.

    3 responses to “Strawberry fields”

    1. Grammie says:

      Boy did this bring back memories. The first time I took S to the strawberry patch I gave him a little bucket and he started picking then he got to the end of the row and sat down and ate all of them. Memories make us smile!!

    2. becoming-mom says:

      What a great time!! I definitely want to take Jasper on an excursion like this soon 🙂

    3. The strawberry vampire looks familiar. What a great way to spend the day. You are a lucky little man G.

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