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    Stinkin’ adorableness

    There are two things G does that stink of cute and just make me smile when he does them:

    1. The way he says “Thank You!” He gives you a big cheesey grin, and says “Tek-you!” It makes bed-time interesting. Why? Because he’ll get up after I put him down, and ask for his Scout.. and then Turtle, and then Chickie, until he has a party in his bed with him. Why am I a sucker for this? Because after every friend, he does the cheesy Thank you, and it melts my heart, and I fall for it. Every.single.time!

    2. How he lists our family. He says “Mamma, Dadda, Fiffin, Tome”. For starters it’s really, REALLY cool that he’s already including S2 in our family list… even though he’s not even here yet. Second, it’s hilarious how he pronounces “storm” to begin with.

    So yeah, those are two cute moments to share with you guys this week.

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