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    Soccer class, it was good while it lasted

    G’s daycare has a soccer class  every week on Wednesdays. G’s teachers have been telling us for awhile how much better he is than some of the older kids enrolled in the class, and that we should sign him up. We were told that the program is for kids 2+, and we waited until this last session started to enroll him since 2 is but a month away (eek!). His first class was last week.

    The bummer is that the soccer class is 3:30-4:30, so S and I can’t go watch (or take photos 🙁 ). We’ve had to rely on G’s teachers to tell us how he did. His first day sounded like a blast though. He started off shy since he didn’t know the coaches and most of the kids were new to him. Ms. J went out with him and he did awesome with her around. She held his hands most of the time and he kicked his little heart off. The daycare director even took some photos for us, and Mrs. J wrote us a sweet “report card”.

    This week he brought home his first class souvenir & sports injury: scraped knees. Little foes he know there will be many more of these in his future.

    The only sad news is that despite G having a fun time, and me enjoying hearing how he’s doing, he can’t continue with the class. The head couch sent me an email yesterday acknowledging that we’ve got a little athlete on our hands, but also noting that right now he’s just too young to participate. I’m bummed! He explained the class was really tailored for kids 3-5, and that G’s not able to fully partake in most of the activities. He asked us to reconsider next spring when he got closer to 2.5. It makes sense, and we will for sure. I’m just bummed.

    Honestly, G doesn’t care. If it’s a class, or not, as long as he’s got balls to kick and throw around he’s a happy guy. S and I will do our best to keep that excitement going, and hopefully prevent incidents like this morning where he nailed little T’s mom smack on the forehead with a soccer ball kick. Hey — my kid’s got aim!

    One response to “Soccer class, it was good while it lasted”

    1. He is an awesome little guy and athlete. He shoots hoops, kicks like David Beckham and bats like a pro. He will be a well rounded athlete and probably play many sports. He will succeed in anything that he tries as he is wonderful and I love him so much. He can’t turn 2 yet as he doesn’t have facial hair yet. I love the comment about little T’s mom, we laughed so hard when that happened.

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