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    Silly Goose!

    I had to take G for an emergency pedi visit today (don’t worry, he’s fine). As we’re driving back from the appointment, I felt a shoe hit my seat and land right over my emergency break. Joy. A toddler who’s taking off his shoes AND it’s raining outside. Double bonus. This is then followed by hearing his sweet voice call out “Mamma, look-a me!” As I peak in my rear view mirror at him, I see him pulling on his sock with his teeth. He had stretched the teeny sock out so far, I think it’s now a knee-high. I shook my head and tried not to laugh. We then proceeded with the following exchange:

    Me: G, you’re silly. You are a silly goose.

    G: Noooo!

    Me: You are too. You are silly. Silly goose.

    G: Noooo!

    Me: Ok, if you are not a silly goose then, what are you?

    G: A Fiffin!

    And there you have it. He is a Fiffin.

    One response to “Silly Goose!”

    1. Mrs. Ziggy says:

      Nothing better than a conversation with a toddler, imo. Well, maybe a conversation between two toddlers, those are pretty cute too.

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