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    Shut it, Ma!

    My mother has this great story of me, when I was but a wee one. At nap time she used to sing to me, until the day I stretched out my little toddler hand, put it over her mouth and said “Muh-ki!”. The Bulgarian word for “Shut-up!” is “Mlukni!”, so I was close enough.

    My mom hasn’t sang to me since.

    I think, just now, G might have done the equivalent to me. Each night I put him down, we sit on the glider, I throw his Lovie Friends over my shoulder, and hold him chest to chest. He puts his hand on my shoulder, buried in the softness of his lovies, and I sing him a song… sometimes twice if it’s a short one.
    Well, tonight, as I started the singing portion of our program, G looked up, took one of his lovies, crunched it up and put it over my mouth as if trying to shove it in the whole in my face. I kind of shook it off thinking he was playing and went on, only for him to do it a second time. Should I be taking a hint kid?

    My singing ability isn’t anything to be proud of. Quite the opposite, really. While I have a good sense of rhytm, singing is by far my worst performance skill. I joke around that the best way to clear a room is to invite me to sing. Yes, I jest, but it’s true. I was curious at what age G would mock me for this. I was thinking at least 2 years. It appears we’ve made it to 17 months.

    I’ve got bad news for you kid, though! I ain’t stopping. HAHA!

    One response to “Shut it, Ma!”

    1. Grammie says:

      Good for You!!! Keep Singing!!!

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