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    Say it ain’t so!

    So now that G is 2, you think it’s time I put his 12m clothes away? I’ve come to the sad realization that now that his long sleeved shirts are starting to resemble his short-sleeved shirts in arm coverage, it’s probably time to part with them. Except that they are so stinkin’ cute, and some of my favorites are in this size.

    Yes, I know S2 will be sporting the same soon enough, but it’s just sad to put them away.

    It’s shocking that at 2 G still fits in his 12m clothes, huh? I guess it’s one of few benefits of having a kid on the low end of the charts. You stretch out clothing wear for a looooong time.

    But between the outgrown shirts, and the impending move to the bedroom next door, I started prepping his 2T sized clothing. I washed three loads of 2T sized clothes today. Out of the first load came a dozen short sleeved shirts, and about as many long sleeved shirts. Two more loads of folding to go. I think it’s safe to say I won’t need to do any shopping for G for the next year. And, as an added bonus, with this quantity of clothes, I think I’ll only need to do his laundry once a month 🙂

    2 responses to “Say it ain’t so!”

    1. Lizz says:

      Yeah, Max is still in 18mo shirts often, and 12 mo pants MOST of the time… they’re a little man-pri length, but 24mo/2T fall right off his butt! DH made him a belt, which cracks me up but works!
      Shorts are even worse! I can put Max (29 mos. old) in 9mo shorts!

      • avalikelava says:

        Oh yeah, pants wise, we’re still in 12’s and probably will for awhile. 2T pants look HUUUUGE!
        We also keep a few smaller sized pants around for when he wears disposable diapers. Otherwise he might as well just wear them around his ankles.

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