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    Oh cr@p!

    We spent our Sunday visiting A, R, and R. There was good food, a cooling pool, water toys, balls, and fun company. Oh… and blueberries (you might know where this is going, now)

    G hasn’t ever really HAD blueberries before. I mean sure, there have been an occasional few in a fruit salad, or a muffin, and certainly back in his jarred food days, but we’ve never really given him blueberries straight up. G spent his Sunday refusing to eat (we’re at the start of the 2 year molar torment), and spent a lot of his time saying “NO!” to anything I offered him. Little R LOOOVES him some blueberries as it turns out, so A had gotten a bunch for the party. I offered G one. He ate it and then proceeded to demand “Mo!” by the hand-full.

    Well, A and R warned us about the exit of said blueberries, and BOY were they right.
    First off, our “once a day pooper” turned into a poop machine come Monday (note to self, I might want to implement this for myself now that I’m approaching the 3rd trimester), and his diapers were “special”. I mean black! I mean stainy black. I managed to catch occurrence #1, thinking “Oh, hey this isn’t too bad!” And that I had saved Ms. J and Ms. S from the daily dump delivery. Boy was I wrong! He was just warming up.
    We’re still washing the load of diapers, so I have no idea how much stain is left on the diapes. I foresee some sunning in our future though.

    So I’m still pro blueberries, and obviously G enjoyed them too. I just might need to implement a “sposies after blueberries” guideline in the home.

    Fun times!

    3 responses to “Oh cr@p!”

    1. Grammie says:

      This reminds me of the time I called the doctor because S had blue BM’s They said what has he eaten and I realized I bought new Booberry Cereal. Boy was I relieved.. You just never know!!

    2. Ariel says:

      This post and R and I laughing out loud! I hope they didin’t stain the diapers and the sun will take it out. As for being right about blue berry poops, well I DID warn you!

      • avalikelava says:

        You sure DID warn us. I just had no idea until I saw it.
        The blueberries did stain our diapes, which was unfortunate. We’ve gotten most of it out through days of sunning, but I think it will be awhile until it’s all the way gone. Luckily most of the stains are on the inserts, vs. the BG cover. I think when we do blueberries we’re doing to do sposies for the few days afterward 🙂

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