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    Just when G finally started using “Yeah”, we entered the age of “NO!” And I don’t mean “No!” in the sense of answering when in conversation. G is now asserting himself by clearly telling us that he doesn’t want to do something.

    This morning “No school!” I thought I had at least 4 more years before hearing that one. He LOVES school, but apparently he likes hanging out in his pajamas watching Cat In The Hat more.

    Then it’s “NO!” on dinner. “NO!” on getting in the car. “NO!” on getting in his seat. You get the picture. It’s tiring. I’m tired.

    He’s 2. I get it. 2, I’ve heard is all about the “NO!”. 3 is then all about the attitude. Joy! 2 more years of pissy toddler behavior. And then 2 more from S2 immediately in his heals.

    This brings me to my T + teen Theory. It goes something like this: any age that starts with T or ends in teen is a bad age… except for 10. I don’t hear many parents complaining about their 10-year olds.

    So… someone want to tell me why Xanax is not a de-facto prescription for child caregivers?

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