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    New Daycare

    G started at his new daycare today. It’s too early for me to have a well-rounded opinion, but first impressions count, and today’s was pretty good!

    I had a knot in my stomach all day: it felt just like dropping him off at daycare that very first January day. I wonder if I’ll feel that way each time he starts a new school or a new room. I don’t know why I was worried: being neglected perhaps and not getting enough care and attention.

    As S and I left, we braced ourselves for G crying. Yet nothing… or at least we heard nothing as we walked past the door.

    I called mid day to check-in on him and had the following phone conversation:

    Me: Hi I’m calling to check on G — it’s his first day today.

    K: Oh, the police is here with a dog… [insert long pause here, at which point I’m thinking “Are you about to tell me something’s happened to my child onlywithin 3 hours of me dropping him off?”]… doing a demonstration and all the kids are outside watching and having a great time.

    Me: Ughmn, G is in the infant care program. Is he out with the dog too?

    K: Oh, lemme check… Nope, he’s inside. Here’s the director!

    The director and I proceeded to have a much calmer discussion.

    When S and I came to pick G up in the afternoon his face lit up when he saw us. He pointed to S and said “Dada”. (Now, he says “Dadadadada” a bunch, but today I’m pretending it was in context ;p)

    Overall, today was a pretty good day. I’m pleasantly surprised because I really expected this week (and into next, to be honest) to be quite rough. I was expecting Screamfest 2009, paired with no naps and little eating. Instead, we got a well-fed kid who took 2 naps (albeit short) who was hanging out in Ms. J’s lap, surrounded by two classmates and smiling when we arrived. So yeah, score for Day 1. I can only hope the rest of the transition goes as well.

    One of his new teachers made my heart pitter-patter when she handed me a list of his daily activities: when he napped, how long he slept, when he ate, and when his diaper was changed. And I didn’t even have to ask!!! I have a small crush! They also gave us a collage of G playing in his new digs to commemorate his first day. It was sweet! What’s even better is that he’s not crying in either photo. I don’t know if that was the exception or the rule of his day today, but I’m pretty happy.

    P.S. As S and I were signing out (signing in and out each day is something we’re going to have to get used to), we saw that the new place does Parents Night Out. Once a month from 6-11pm, they keep the kids for $30 (TOTAL!) so the parents can have a night out. It’s the same teachers as during the day, but they get to stay longer. This is huge! S and I are excited about trying it out. Not that we wanna party ’till 11, but I smell a movie night, or perhaps socializing with people that like to eat dinner after 6pm.

    So that’s the review of our first day.

    3 responses to “New Daycare”

    1. Wendy says:

      congratulations! That is awesome! I am so happy that things are working out. G is a good kid, and I don’t think you had anything to worry about. But how fantastic! I love the new collage. This place must be meant for you if they gave you all the stats! Yes, you would have a mini crush!


    2. Grammie says:

      It certainly sounds like he had a good day. Even better than his parents.

    3. Kirsten says:

      That’s great! Glad that it went well.

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