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    My kid’s a drug addict

    I’m only sorta kidding. I think our child likes his infant Tylenol a bit too much. The moment he sees it he stretched out his arms and grunts/whines after it. I gave him some this evening on account of the evil teething spell he’s been doing through (more on this soon), and he took the dropper out of my hands. Then he proceeded to lick and suck the meds out of it. I mean, LIKED.THE.DROPPER.CLEARN!!! Normally there’s a bunch of pink still left when I squirt in there — he cleaned right off.

    Is there a toddler NA program I need to be looking into?

    4 responses to “My kid’s a drug addict”

    1. Amy says:

      Technically I think that would be N.A.

    2. Emeraldwednesday says:

      Lol! Tanner did the same thing yesterday. 🙂

    3. becoming-mom says:

      Is it bad that one of Jasper’s favorite things is his “Motreen!!”


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