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    Movie Monday

    G has this game: he takes an old (and empty) tube container, and stands it up on end. He then takes one of his balls and balances is on top, and then likes to topple over the tube & the ball by hitting it with another. He can do this for quite some time, giggling the whole way through.


    Brother. Or butter. G’s having one of those. Not sure which though.


    Last week-end, we went swimming with A, R and R. While the day was gorgeous and perfect for a swim, the pool itself was one of the coldest I’ve been to in awhile. G asked for “Up Pease” a couple of times, yet when we did try to get him out of the pool, he refused to leave. Little R had the right idea and refused to go in, in the first place. Yet, our dude was happy to let his lips go purple with R’s mommy holding him just so he can get some extra water action. Oh, and yes, I braved a bathing suit this pregnancy around. I refuse to shell out mega bucks for a maternity suit, so I’m bearing LOTS in a bikini.


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    1. Ariel says:

      It was 100 degrees here today and let me tell you that cold pool felt GOOD!

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