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    Movie Monday

    We’ve taught G to show us his belly button.


    It’s super cute when he shows you his belly!

    Yesterday he also pointed to his nose… only to immediately afterward stick his finger in there and dig around. Yeah, we won’t be showing you video of that one.

    3 responses to “Movie Monday”

    1. maydaygirl says:

      That is soooo cute! I love hearing your voice 🙂 It’s so cute

      And I had NO idea his name was G****** lol!

      • avalikelava says:

        Yeah, I don’t keep his name off of videos or pictures of his name, but for privacy / search engine purposes I try not to be too blatant about it. I had to comment out his name in your post. Hope you don’t mind.

    2. Rebecca says:

      Heidi loved this video!

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