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    Movie Monday

    The first story of our home has a step down off the hallway to the living room and dining room. It’s a bit strange really, but while it works for adults, it’s a little hard to navigate for little crawlers.

    For awhile the multi-level part of our home was actually a good thing — it was an “invisible” barrier for G that kept him from doing things like 1) frolicking around Neko’s litter box (located in the downstairs bathroom); 2) pulling out every shoe in our shoe cubby. Alas that barrier has now been broken and G’s done each of the things listed above.

    We have gates for the stairs leading up to the second floor, but the step down into the living room is so wide that there’s no way to block it off. So the only thing we can do is teach G to maneuver this on his own. Luckily he figured it out on his second try. I’m proud of my little man!


    Of course with all of this, keeping him out of places keeps getting exponentially harder. I’m especially concerned about Neko’s potty as the last thing I want is to find a scoop-full of kitty litter in G’s mouth 😮 I’m seriously considering installing a kitty door in the downstairs bathroom. The only problem? At the moment the cat and the child are both the same size — making a whole big enough for Neko, means plenty of access for G. Sigh (and grr)! Note to others: Maine Coon cats (as beautiful and amazing as they are) are not child proof!

    3 responses to “Movie Monday”

    1. Kirsten says:

      Any chance of elevating Neko’s box? They may be the same size, but Neko can still out jump G!

    2. Rebecca says:

      I was thinking the same thing, like maybe a gate on the bathroom door that Neko can jump over?

    3. avalikelava says:

      When Neko went through his “pee on everything in sight” phase, one of the recommendations we got was to change his litterbox. We now use the big 32gal clear storage bins (that people normally keep in their garage for storing stuff). They work out well: he can see everything around him, and the walls are tall enough that litter stays in.
      However, because the walls are tall already, he has to jump in and out. Increasing the height will be very difficult for him to use the box.

      I haven’t considered putting a gate outside the door. Neko’s not much of a jumper, so I don’t want to give him a reason to NOT use the litterbox either.

      It’s a fine balance really — I don’t want litter in G’s mouth, but I also don’t want cat pee creating a Slip n’ Slide in my kitchen (again!!!) either.

      Good ideas though! Please keep them coming.

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