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    But I worked hard on that mess

    If you were anything like me as a child, you had a fine mess of a room to be proud of. In addition, your parents sighed in desperation as they picked up after you and you had many a “Go clean your room!” arguments discussions. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I saw the light and realized that a clean room is actually a good thing.

    Well, it appears I’ve fully embraced my “parent” role. As expected, S and I now do our round of toy pick-up, nightly, after G goes to bed. It’s in our futile attempt to reclaim the living space of our home from the invasion of toddler toys.

    What IS interesting though is G’s response to our cleanliness efforts. Take last night for example. S and I were up in G’s room (with G of course), as we were approaching bed-time. S did the daddy-thing and picked up all the scattered toys and arranged them on/in their respective pegs/boxes. G meanwhile was gettingĀ  a diaper change. As soon as I let the little monster go, he scurried over to the now-straightened line of toys, and proceeded to dismantle everything that S spent the last while putting away. EVERYTHING.

    S sighed, saying “Buddy you just undid my work!”

    To which I replied “No, you just undid HIS work, and now he’s putting it back”

    And it felt so true. G was just determined to disassemble every wooden piece off of it’s peg, and pull every felt-food item out of it’s picnic basket. He was almost annoyed at S for putting it all together.

    So yeah, it’s a loosing battle at this stage. Honestly, at this age, this is as expected. If I had a well organized/clean baby I would be worried as to what was wrong with him (and run for the woods as he would be FAR more anal than either his father or I). So for now, his room now has a corner of well-scattered wooden blocks and play-food items. Go mess!

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