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    I want a blanket too!

    I had really hoped to keep G blanket-in-crib free until he turned 2. While, yes, he sleeps with a lovey, and yes we put the fancy, thick crib bumpers back in a few months ago, it’s not the same to me as a blanket in his crib.Yes, I still worry about SIDS, and have taken the recommendation to keep blankets away from kid’s cribs until 2 to heart. Remember, too, that I used to go and check that G still breathing at 2am every morning until he turned 1.

    I’ve tried to make him comfortable by still running the heater in his room, and putting him in fuzzy jammies, but G now goes to bed asking for a blanket. I’ve been giving him a really light-weight blanket and letting him fall asleep with it (since I stay in his room until he does), but then I take it away.

    Except now he wakes up in the middle of the night and asks for a blanket. I can’t supervise him with it if my eyes are shut while sleeping.

    So what do I do? Do I cave and say “Ok, you’ll be 2 in three months. Wrap yourself away!”, or do I hold firm on the no-blanket rule?

    For the record, in day-care they nap with blankets. But they’re supervised by 4 teachers.

    Am I just over-thinking this?

    8 responses to “I want a blanket too!”

    1. Wendy says:

      HI A,

      I also have never heard of the two years old thing. I just looked it up and according the website, SIDS is general for one month to one year olds. It also looks like that is only ONE risk factor. It comes down to your comfort level, He has also been at that day care for a while now, you can see what they say. What does your gut tell you?

    2. Rebecca says:

      I’m a little afraid you’ll think I’m negligent, but H has 3 blankets and a pillow and I’m just not worried. She’s probably had at least one blanket since her birthday. Can’t quite remember when I gave her a pillow…

      • avalikelava says:

        Nah, Rebecca, I don’t think you’re negligent at all. I’ve seen parents offer blankets from birth. I’ll try to find the article if I can. Wendy, honestly, my gut is saying he’s ready, and I think in the end that’s what matters. He’s illustrated he’s fine with a lovey, and the blankets I’ll put in his crib are no heavier than the lovey.

    3. Grammie says:

      Oh my don’t keep taking that lovey away from him he has had it since he way little. It certainly will not do anything but confort him. He is old enough to turn his head and even turn over but he loves the feel of the little blankets and it is conforting to him. Please don’t take it away!

      • avalikelava says:

        Oh, Grammie — we’re not taking Nuk away! We’re just deciding if we can give him a real blanket to cover himself with. Now he gets a Nuk and a blanket.

    4. Grammie says:

      Oh good I typed so fast I can see typing errors too. I thought you were taking the Nuk away. I feel better now!!

    5. Grammie says:

      Now that I have recouped from thinking Nuk’s was being taken away let me comment on the blanket. I think he is old enough to have a blanket, he can turn over, wiggle etc and he will be fine with a blanket. Be sure you like the blanket you give him because he will want it a long time and you will be carrying the Blankey with you. This sounds like a pain but it will always be a fond memory when they are older. I can close my eyes and see S and K when they were little. S with a blanket and K with a binky. God Bless

    6. Lizz says:

      Max has had a blanket since he was about G’s age; we had that serious cold snap mid-winter, and I was really worried about how cold it got in his room… I decided the “risks” of the blanket outweighed the risk of running our crappy space heater all night or his freezing in there! LOL He’s a bundle-up sleeper, anyway!

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