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    I love that you’re sharing but…

    G (when he’s in his sweet mood) likes to share his food. A cheerio for him: a cheerio for you. It’s nice… except for when:

    1. Said cheerio was first chewed a bit by him. Unlike birds, I’m not a huge fan of previously chewed-up food. Thanx, buddy, but this is one I’d like to skip.

    2. It’s a fish-cracker. I really, really dislike the taste of them.

    It’s just hard when you have him genuinely want to do something sweet for you and heads his little fingers towards your mouth. I’ve said “No, thank you!” with no success. I’ve also considered pinching my lips tight (so he doesn’t succeed in shoving said food item in it), but then have to remember that I could only be teaching him to do the same to me in a few weeks. All this means is that I end up with some sort of grossness in my mouth, that I have to smile and “graciously” accept. “Thank you!” (and then try not to gag).

    So yeah, sharing is awesome.

    One response to “I love that you’re sharing but…”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Yep, I pretty much eat anything he gives me too LOL! Mother = martyr 🙂

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