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    I can kiss my own boo-boos. Thanx!

    There may or may not have been a rumble between our four-legged and two-legged children this past Sunday.

    Hypothetically speaking, a certain toddler might have gotten a bit excited about chasing after a ball, and not seen a certain 18lb feline napping beside said ball. Also, this ball-recovery attempt might have taken longer than usual as cat and ball were under a chair. After a hiss warning, and no back-up from hypothetical child, the hypothetical cat might have issued a 5-claw salute. 3 times in fast succession.

    Ok, fine. It happened. Right before bed-time. Made jamma-time interesting.

    G escaped with a scratch on his arm and 2 on his forehead. He’s fine, and the crying stopped within a minute. He was more startled than injured, but it still required some TLC from us.

    What’s interesting is that now when you ask “G, where is your kitty scratch?”, he looks at the (fading) scratch on his fore-arm and brings it up to his mouth. Don’t ask me where he got this from. I’m a general hugger/top-of-the-head kisser kind of mom. Not a “let me kiss it where it hurts” parent (some day he’s gonna fall on his butt in the park and trust me, I don’t care to kiss that in public). Either way, it’s cute and kind of funny.

    So yeah, cat-kid battle was on. Cat 1, kid 0. Luckily the battle scars are fading, and their relationship is the same.

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