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    You know what I like about G’s current age? He doesn’t know how to lie… yet. I know this too will come soon enough, but for the time being I find it useful (and amusing) that when I ask him a question about him being naughty, he doesn’t fib about it.

    Example 1: G wants a water bottle. (This is after it was taken away from him for spilling water all over his tray)

    Me: Are you going to drink it? Or spill it?

    G: Spill it!

    Me: Ok, I’m sorry. Not right now. How about you take this napkin and help me wipe down the table instead. Clean, clean!

    Example 2: G and L are throwing food on the floor after lunch. After everything in front of them has found a new home, floor-side…

    G: Mo’

    Ms. J: Are you guys going to eat it?

    G: No!

    Ms. J: Ok, no thank you!

    In a way, this is all pretty helpful. If I know his intentions, at least I know if I’m willing to deal with the reprocusions of his actions.

    Unfortunately, his honesty is cutting into his fun… but I’ll take it as long as I got it!

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